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Flight Number 568 [Standalone]

Title: Flight Number 568
Author: waybeyondreason
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Summary: “Men in uniforms has always turned me on.”
Disclaimer: I'm not claiming it's real, but I like to think that it encourages anti-homophobia, and that can't be bad, huh?
Beta: Thousand and one thanks to the awesome note_to_self18!
Author Notes: Got the idea on my flight home from Milan. This Is The Best Day Ever will be updated soon, I promise, I just had to get this up while it was fresh in my memory. Thanks to tshariot, assasinxmuffin and xmurdermachine for being awsome while I wrote this. I love you! And, we're the wolves, after all. All credit to goldbrokenheart for the avatar.
Warnings: Sweaty sex in cramped cuarters. New members to the mile high club. Need I say more?

”Passengers going on flight number 568 to Newark, 11.30 P.M, please listen. Your gate, number 42, is now opened and ready for boarding.”

Gerard Way strolled down the empty gate, hearing the passengers gather up some meters behind his colleagues amused chattering. This was his second to last flight this day out of seven. It had been a tiring day, way too many grumpy, posh passengers and delays of food and other things they needed ready to go up in the air. As if this wasn’t enough, he was working with his four most arrogant and grumpy colleagues who wouldn’t shut up their huffy mouths about how ‘eyeliner and messy hair do not fit in their strict policy of appearance.’

He scolded after them as they walked down the plane aisle to do the decent stuff at the back of the plane. Of course he had to welcome the tired, mad, and haughty passengers onto the plane. Of course.

He adjusted his tie and put on a fake grin just as the first people came down the gate, eager to drop down in a soft seat after a probably long walk in the ridiculously huge airport to reach their destination in time. This is what he hated the most with late flights. All the passengers were so busy with being tired to even consider that he had been in the air all day, and still had to smile and be nice to them. Okay, so he was paid for it. But they had paid to be here. He hadn’t forced them to it.

He frowned as a bunch of posh, chattering, pink-clad twelve-year-olds entered the plane without even a look in his direction. He rolled his eyes. They had probably been here in LA to shop with daddy’s card, acting like adults. At least they tried to look like ones and, much to Gerard’s dismay, they were almost as tall as him with their long, calf-like legs. Grinning to himself inwardly, he put on a wide smile like he was looking down at a newborn and asked them if they wanted the kids’ box of crayons and candy. After all, he was told to give those things to kids up to twelve. They gave him a shocked and embarrassed look that literally screamed ‘don’t you see our Prada bags?’ This job had some fun to offer at least.

Gerard had turned to tell the crew that all the passengers were on board, as he didn’t see any others behind the pink gang. But oh no, behind the unnaturally tall kids, there was still one man left that hadn’t been visible behind them. He turned back to give this midget an especially fake smile, as he thought ‘seriously, if I’d been shorter than twelve year olds, I would have jumped out from a bridge years ago,’ but was held back. His fake smile faded as he looked startled into the widest, white grin he’d ever seen. His eyes traced over the short, messy, dark brown hair (could there be remnants of a Mohawk?), the black band t-shirt, black, worn-out jeans and Converses. This was just how he himself would have looked if he hadn’t been trapped in the disgusting black slacks and white button-down shirt that was his work outfit.

“Hello there.”

The man’s words pulled Gerard out of his little moment of surprise. He put on a sly grin and returned the greeting. But the passenger didn’t go into the plane like he was supposed to; he just stood still, giving him an amused look. Gerard’s heartbeat sped up.

“Uh. Could I have my newspaper, please?”

Gerard mentally kicked himself. Of course, he was supposed to deliver out the Daily Mail. He must have looked so stupid. This guy must think he was brought to work here by the ‘Office for unemployed, semi retarded people’ or something. However, he handed the guy his newspaper and they shared a smile as the guy walked by him into the plane, looking for his seat. As he walked down the aisle, Gerard studied his ass, grinning. He didn’t know if it was intended or not, but this guy had a little twist with his hip as he walked. He loved it when the passengers were hot.

‘This seems to be an interesting flight after all,’ Gerard thought to himself as he was standing behind the curtain, grinning to the can of coffee in front of him. He usually hated going up and down the aisle, asking the sleepy, ignorant passengers if they wanted ‘Coffee? Tee?’ He used to feel like he should change his name to ‘Old aunt Hildred.’ But this night, he couldn’t pour out enough cups of grimy old powder coffee. He leant over his guy, putting on his most seductive grin and asking with a raspy twang in his voice if ‘he could bring him anything. Coffee, maybe? Tee?’ And, to his joy, the guy couldn’t seem to pour down enough cups of coffee. He returned the smirk every time and said “Yes thank you, since it’s so delightful. Just one more cup couldn’t hurt.” It would probably keep him awake until July.

“Want anything from the trolley?” Gerard asked, putting on his smirk again. He had, by now, served the guy five cups of coffee, the awful box of dinner they served, and was now walking around with the little trolley of beverages and snacks. His colleagues had scoffed because of his eagerness and asked him what he was taking, but they didn’t complain.

“One of your little bottles of Jack Daniels, maybe,” the guy smirked right back at him. “If you’d share with me.” This made Gerard give out a surprised, sly little laugh.

“I’m not allowed to drink on duty, I’m sorry,” he grinned.

“Oh,” the guy mocked a pout. “I thought you weren’t allowed to wear that much eyeliner and hairspray on duty either,” he grinned. Gerard was startled.

“I’m kidding. They won’t let me wear it, and let alone these clothes, in real estate business either, but hey, three cheers for us, huh?”

Gerard liked this guy more each second that passed.


The plane was dark and quiet, the passengers either sleeping or watching the movie on the screens, and Gerard was bored. Now that they weren’t serving anything, he couldn’t walk by his guy as much as he wanted to, and pass by him to ‘get something from the other side of the plane’ just to get eye contact and the little smirk from him began to wear out. He was leaning against the wall, yawning all alone. Not that he missed the company of his colleagues, not at all. The conversation they were sharing at the other side of the plane was nothing he wanted to participate in anyway. He didn’t care one fuck about Mary’s unsuccessful hair dye or Billy’s recent rash, thankyouverymuch.

Suddenly, Gerard heard footsteps behind him. He turned around, shaking himself out of his sleepy zone out to at least look like he took his job seriously. And wasn’t he met by those wonderful eyes from his guy. His breathing hitched for a second, heartbeat rising. He returned his guy’s sly grin and nodded a ‘hi’ to him as he reached for the lavatory door knob. Of course he was just going to the bathroom. He tried to steal a look of his guy’s ass as he went inside, but was cut off by the hand that shot back out, grabbing his tie and pulling him inside.

Before Gerard could think, he was slammed hard up against the lavatory door, dangerously close to the others man’s body (They had no choice really, this was the smallest bathroom like, ever, but they were still closer than they had to be). Their faces were so close, Gerard could feel his warm breath on his skin for a moment, before their lips crashed fierce and fully together. Gerard opened his mouth immediately to comply with the request by the other man’s tongue tracing over his lips. Their tongues found each other, playing around in each other’s mouths, both trying to be the most dominant one, the guy’s hand still pulling hard on his tie. Moments later, he pulled away, but just barely. He could still feel his hot breath on the wet saliva now clothing his lips.

“Men in uniforms has always turned me on,” he whispered in Gerard’s ear, his voice taking the same raspy twang as Gerard’s had hours earlier.

And just like that, Gerard was hard.

“Gerard,” the guy read out, one hand grasping the name sign on Gerard’s shirt, the other one cupping his clad erection, making Gerard gasp. He grinned. “That’s a cool name, Gerard. I’m Frank, by the way.”

Gerard opened his mouth to respond, but instead he shut his eyes, the back of his head hitting the door and his jaw fell open as Frank’s hand found its way down the front of his pants, stroking him hard. They were kissing again and both of Frank’s hands fidgeted with Gerard’s belt, unbuckling it. As Frank succeeded on pulling Gerard’s fly down, soon along with his slack and boxer material (thank heaven he didn’t choose the cartoon ones today) down to his mid thighs, he swung him around and pushed him down to sit on the toilet seat. Frank bent down on his knees in front of him, sliding his palms flat up his half clad thighs slowly, keeping distinct, lust filled eye contact behind narrowed eyelids. His jaw hung loose, and he slowly got closer and closer. He breathed out hard, letting out warm steams of intense lust. Gerard almost fainted by the sight of Frank’s mouth getting closer to his rock hard cock. Gerard could feel the hairs rising in the back of his neck.

He still kept the eye contact under his half lidded eyes, but cut it when his eyes rolled back, as Frank finally put his lips on his throbbing head. Frank kissed it hard for a second, before he snuck out his tongue and rubbed the underside of Gerard’s cock hard. Gerard couldn’t help but let out a loud and breathy “Oh my... fuck.”

Frank teased his tongue around the head for a little while, licking and hitting the much pleasured slit a few times before taking it into his mouth. When he engulfed the object, lips tight and tongue playing around the sensitive spots, Gerard couldn’t help but buck up into Frank’s lush, warm heath and moan. Frank held Gerard’s hips pinned down with his hands, and it just seemed to arouse Gerard even more, the thought of wearing bruises by Frank holding him just like that.

It didn’t take long from then until Gerard moaned out pleadings for Frank to stop. He took a weak hold on Frank’s shoulders and tried to pull him up, but Frank just worked his lips and tongue faster and harder around Gerard’s erection. Gerard gave in one last time, moaning loud, before taking a more firm hold on Frank’s shoulders and pushing him hard away from him.

“Frank, stop.”

Frank got to his feet and looked down at him, and Gerard moaned more by the sight of his now swollen and red lips. He hadn’t been this turned on in ages. Frank crossed his arms and pouted.

“Want this to stop, do ya?” he said, the disappointment dripping from his voice. Gerard just gave him a mischievous grin.

“Not for the death of me. It’s just too soon for this to end,” he murmured and considered his next choice of words. He knew he would be embarrassed of his straight forwardness later, but he couldn’t help it. “Get on fucking top of me.”

He achieved the same mischievous grin from Frank as he had hoped. When Frank (with a lot help from Gerard’s greedy hands) snuck out of his jeans and discarded them on the floor along with his shoes, Gerard had expected him to get in his lap and ride the living daylights out of his cock. But oh no, Frank had much better plans in his mind.

“Spit on my fingers,” he said, waving with three of his fingers in front of Gerard’s mouth. They smirked, Gerard giving Frank a lustful glare as he leaned forward and engulfed all the fingers Frank had held out. Frank took a sharp breath. Gerard let the fingers glide slowly out of his mouth, gathering up some saliva in the back of his throat and spitting in out on Frank’s fingers. When they were wet and glistening, Frank pulled them away.

Frank just loved the look on Gerard’s face when he spread his legs and snuck his hand behind his back, down to his ass. He even put on a little show for him, throwing his head back in pleasure when he inserted the first finger, Adams apple jutting out, moaning throatily. He watched Gerard under his eyelids, getting even more turned on than he thought was possible when he saw Gerard panting like he was the one being touched.

Gerard,” he panted when he inserted the second finger. He licked his lips and closed his eyes while telling the anticipating man in front of him that it was almost time, he was almost ready. When the third finger had been in for a while, scissoring around, he pulled them out.

Slowly, still smirking, he inched closer to Gerard on the toilet seat (though it wasn’t much of a distance). He placed his hands on his shoulders and kissed him again, both their tongues eager. He placed himself with his legs on each side of Gerard’s thighs, just hovering over him for a second.

“Mmm, fuck!”

Gerard moaned into Frank’s mouth when he felt Frank’s puckered asshole probe over the tip of his erection, the sudden cool wetness sending shivers trough his body. Frank stayed there for a while, teasing him before slowly, slowly, sliding down. Frank’s jaw clenched a little, not used to such a thickness inside him. But after rolling his hips around the head a little, he slid himself all of the way in, their thighs meeting with a thud. He sat like that for a second, breathing hard, and their warm breath mixing in between them. Their chests met, Gerard’s arms finding their way to the small of Frank’s back, Frank’s hands still perched on Gerard’s shoulders.

Their eyes were still holding the lustful eye contact, just far away enough from each other to see the other man’s face clearly. Gerard was the first to dive his head forward, taking Frank’s bottom lip into his mouth and sucking hard. They kissed to an almost painful manner, but their lips slipped away from each other as Frank began to lift himself up off Gerard’s cock a few inches before sliding back down. Gerard gripped Frank’s hips while leaning back, his head hitting the wall, moaning out loud. He wondered if the passengers on front row could hear them. Really, he didn’t care.

Frank’s head flew back again as he began rocking up and down in a hurried, hard rhythm. Both he and Gerard’s moans had changed into whimpers, sometimes long, dragged out moans when an especially pleasurable spot was hit.

The real fun began when Gerard found Frank’s prostate. Gerard had begun to buck up, meeting Frank’s frantic movements. Frank had sped up even more, lifting himself high up from Gerard’s lap before slamming hard back down. He had shifted positions a little, and when Gerard bucked up extra hard, he had hit the soft spot dead on.

“Oh fuck! Oh god!”

Frank had to pause for a second, shuddering and shaking from the intense pleasure that was running trough him in shocking waves. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head, mouth wide open, small whispers escaping it silently. Exasperated from the lack of friction, Gerard had to buck up into Frank’s warm cavern, willing him back to reality. After a few ragged breaths, Frank complied and started up his movements.

They were slicked in sweat, doubting that they had ever felt anything like this ever before. Frank’s cock hit Gerard’s chest ever so often, especially when Gerard leaned forward to lick and bite on Frank’s neck. While nibbling hard on his collarbone, Gerard let his hand go of Frank’s side and grabbed his cock hard, stoking him hard in tact with their frantic and hurried up and down movements. He loved the way Frank’s moans became even louder and desperate, and it encouraged him to lick around his nipples. Frank’s chest was branded with hickeys.

Frank’s prostate was, to his intense pleasure, hit with almost every thrust. This, in addition to Gerard’s much expert hand, sent him closer and closer to his orgasm with every minute. He could feel his mount within him, making his stomach muscles clench and unclench, much like his asshole at that time. He could tell Gerard was close too. His eyelashes fluttered, his moans were more frequent and louder and his hands clenched even harder on his sides and around his cock.

“Oh God, Frank. I’m so, so close,” he moaned into his chest. Frank only moaned and merely nodded in response, moving faster (if possible) and clenching harder around him. The intense, euphoric state they were in made them ignore the sharp knocks on the door and the angry voices from Gerard’s colleagues. Fuck them, he thought. Fuck them.

Right then, he felt the pressure build up in the bottom of his stomach. He lost control of his muscles as they begun so shake, willing his orgasm to shoot out of him. This sudden frantic bucking upwards made Frank almost scream of pleasure. Gerard hit his spot dead on one last time before his muscles began to spasm and he came hard all over Gerard’s hand, chest, and their thighs. The sudden hard clench around his asshole sent Gerard over his own point of no return, and he covered Frank’s inside with his cum, moaning his name, while he heard the angry words from now all his colleagues about how dead he was, and that he was going to be fired before they even landed.

In the aftermaths of his orgasm, his forehead resting against Frank’s while they breathed hard, he couldn’t have care less.

They sat still for a moment, catching their breaths until it was back to normal. Frank could already feel Gerard softening and gliding out of him, so he stood up, pulling himself from his lap. He grinned lazily down at the man still spread out on the toilet seat too weak to move yet. He found his boxers and jeans from the floor, pulling them up slowly over his ass (he could still tease Gerard a bit, couldn’t he?) and giggled.

“Your colleagues doesn’t seem to fancy this as much as we do,” he grinned. Gerard smirked barely, now able to stand and pull his work slacks back on.

“Actually,” Frank said thoughtfully, smirking mischievously at Gerard. “It doesn’t seem like they fancy it at all. To me, it seems like you need to find a place to sleep tonight.”

“You think? I’m that wrong when I thought that they were praising me for getting in the pants of the hottest guy on the plane?” he joked, one eyebrow cocked as he grinned back, watching every one of Frank’s movements.

“Yeah, you’re wrong. And since I’m such a gentleman, I might as well offer you a soft, comfortable bed at my home, so you wont have to look for a hotel,” Frank laughed.

“Really?” Gerard laughed too. “I doubt I’d get much sleep, though.”

“Yeah, I doubt that too.”

Tags: fic, standalone
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